When mesh goes wrong or “how I hid a small turkey in my pants”

I have come across a disturbing fashion trend that looks to have been brought on by the advance of mesh.

I am talking about the bizarre mesh pants that have a crotch that comes to just about knee level. They are not hard to miss. Just about any designer that is dabbling in mesh has kicked out a pair of these things and for the life of me, I don’t know why.

I mean, look at these pants in the photograph. It looks like I am carrying a sack of potatoes inside my pants, or worse. I am not even going to mention where they came from, because it would not be right to single anyone out. Besides, these are pretty tame compared to some that drop down to the knees.They are everywhere, usually modeled by a pouty mouthed elf girl with hips the size of a volkswagon.

Like plutonium, mesh is a wonderful tool until it falls into the wrong hands. All I can figure is that some designers decided that actually creating something that resembles actual pants with some style to them was way too tricky, so they just threw these things out and figured they would start a new trend. Typicaly though, fashion in SL tends to mimic fashion in the real world. I mean that was the idea of mesh, right? It was supposed to help us bring more realistic shape and flow to objects.

I searched far and wide to find anything in real life fashion trends that resembles these droopy drawers. I could find nothing. Even teenagers won’t wear these pants! I mean baggies they aren’t. Baggies sag form the top, not from the bottom. Any rapper, or gangsta wannabe can tell you this.

And speaking of rap.

I did FINALLY manage to find a real life fashion trend to match these pants. However, I had to go way, way back to the 80’s when hair was big, but the baggie  trousers where even bigger. They were knows as baggies, banana pants, parachute pants and …well, unless your name was MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice, you looked silly in them. In fact, if your name was MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice, you still looked silly.

That is where these pants came from, and do any of of us really want to go back there? No. Not even Vanilla Ice wants to go back there. You would not even catch MC Hammer himself in these things today. I am officially ranking this style right up there with bling and the mouth chew necklaces and will slip back into my comfy jeans. Meanwhile, here is “U Can’t Touch This”


New mesh done by some old hands

Karma has been out shopping.

I have been checking out some of the new mesh offerings in Second Life with mixed results. I am not one of those folks who thinks mesh will change the face of Second Life as we now it, nor I am one of these who believes mesh is a curse upon all that is holy.

Some of what I have seen is fantastic. Some of it…uhm…not so much. A lot of what I call “hard goods” such as houses, structures and vehicles are where mesh really looks and functions well. However, presumably because this is where the money is, designers immediately started applying mesh to clothing. In many cases, this is probably the most difficult and least beneficial use of mesh. It can be a hard fit. Since mesh can not be adjusted, if it isn’t perfect out of the box, it is NEVER going to be perfect.  Being an avi of realistic proportion (as in not 7 feet tall) this makes mesh tricky at best for me. Often the smallest size provided by a designer fits me with all the style of a pillow case.

One thing thing that is becoming clear to me is that, designers who have established themselves with sculpts and textures, are producing the best mesh products as well. If you’re a good designer – well, then you are a good designer.

Some of the mesh products I have found that I really like are my new steampunk leather jacket “Ruth” from Dirty Lynx, and my new Magician’s Hat from Wasabi Pills. Both stores have long been a staple of mine and their designers have been establishing themselves long before mesh rolled in. Dirty Lynx was one of the first stores i ever visited in SL and to this day I think the textures in their clothing is still some of the best on the market. Wasabi Pills has always created well done hair style with just a bit of whimsy without being over the top.

So, if you are wanting to try out some new mesh products, my advice it to simply look at see what your old tried and true favorite designers of non-mesh clothing are doing. Chances are, they are creating something good.

Dirty Lynx


Wasabi Pills


Meet me at the Festival of Sin

Greed, Sloth, Lust…..Oh My.

If you have been missing me lately, I have been hanging out in the bad side of town at the “Festival of Sin“, a great new merchant event spearheaded by RubyStarlight Writer. The event features some great items from dozens and  dozens of Second Life’s best creators. It is a themed event, based on the 7 deadly sins. Come on kids, recite them with me: greed, lust, envy, sloth, vanity, gluttony and lust …I mean wrath. 

You’ll find just about everything there at the fistival. I personally loved the large selection of original poses created for the event but you’ll find  unique clothing, shoes, skins, etc. The entire theme is very interactive with regions for each “sin”. This is not for the faint of heart and you may want to stay out of the bathroom in the “lust” section. Then again, you might be one to hang out in there for a bit. We are not here to judge and …if you find a set of keys, those are mine damnit!.

The event planners are asking for minimal scripts in order to decrease lag. For me it was worth it to enjoy the immersive aspects of the event surroundings. You’ll want to hurry to check this out, because the event is underway now and ends March 3!



Finally, a mesh product worth being excited about!

Of all the new mesh products to enter into the SL marketplace over the last few months, nothing has really impressed me as much as a simple pair of feet designed by Siddean Munro at Slink.
We all know how the standard avatar we are stuck with is cursed with little wedges where the feet where supposed to go. (It always seemed to me like they worked for weeks on creating the SL avatar and then got to the feet and looked at each other and said , “Whew! I am tired. How about we just stick some little wedges on the legs and call it a day?)
Even though I am huge fan of mesh and the many benefits it offers, I have felt that most of the avatar clothing and attachments I have seen produced had the stylish equivalent of wearing a plastic garbage bag. I put on a mesh outfit and look like I am wearing clothing made of paper mache.
That all changed when I found these great feet (feets?) at Slink. Let it be known right now that, as a girl who grew up in the hills of southern United States, I am not big on wearing shoes. Oh, I love shoes! I am a female after all. I just don’t bother to wear them all that much. (More than a few TP requests friends send me are followed by me asking “Do I need to put shoes on for this?”)
But hey, enough about me.
These feet look absolutely great and are far superior to most of the prim feet I have seen or tried on in Second Life. Prim feet were a definite step ahead of where we were, but they were a tad clunky. RIght? You were usually forced into some weird anklet set you had to wear to hide where the prim joined the avi, and the were not ferry flexible. They were more like feet shaped shoes.
These mesh feet become part of your body. They move as your body moves. Skin matching can be tricky, but the feet feature an ankle blending layer that makes the tone of the feet blend in perfectly with the tone of the rest of your body with only minimal effort. (One issue with any mesh avatar attachment is that it is not going to adjust to fit your body, you have to adjust your body to fit it. If you are like me and  you have a lot of time invested in your shape, this can be a  big negative, but slink provides the feet in four sizes so you can get a perfect match with only minor shape adjustment.)
The feet offer high detail from top to bottom,This design was really thought out well and it it truly shows once you find yourself wearing these cute feet.
You can find them on the SL marketplace, or check them out in world here: