Had some time this week to check out the Fashion Voodoo urban style fashion fair and was really pleased. The event is sponsored by Depraved Events who do some great events and features over 100 labels including Insanya, Razorblade Jacket, Beeleza, Kmadd, Gawk!, Ducknipple and many more.

A lot of it is urban style, but this fair stretches out a bit and you will find everything from high fashion to lowbrow. There is a lot of mesh to be found, most of which wont fit me of course, and plenty of unique event only pieces. What I really liked, was the easy time I had shopping on the Fashion Voodoo sim. Normally the fashion events are one big lagfest where one is advised to strip off all attachments and prims just to make the experience functional. Not here. I visited the sim on three separate occasions over two days, with me wearing all the attachments that my little avi can carry, and had very little lag issues at all.

The shops are also laid out nicely in a very open setting so it was pretty easy to check out every store. The event runs through August 30th, so there is plenty of time to stop by.

Fashion Voodoo