Exodus Viewer is making a big splash

The Exodus Viewer, initially a third party viewer geared towards combat, has recently begun to make a big splash with its latest release full of rich features and amazing graphics.

I am a bit of a viewer junkie. I am even crazy enough to occasionally take the Linden Labs beta releases of their official viewers out for a spin. This is always exciting! (I should note that the last few beta releases have actually been pretty swell.) Lately, I have found myself using the new Exodus Viewer almost exclusively. Taking off where the that latest official viewer leaves off, Exodus offers rich features, great graphics and FPS at or above my current LL viewer.

The viewer’s website describes Exodus as a “specialized third party viewer for gamers and visual artists.”  If you think about it, it only makes since that a viewer built by combat gamer would be fast and look good. I mean, you don’t want lag when someone is shooting at you, right?  Now, I am by no means a “gamer” so for me the real “cat’s pajamas” of this viewer are its artistic twists.The vewer has pulled out some of the more useful rendering tools and put them in their own small preference viewers which makes adjusting the  wind lights setting, shadow qualities and all sorts of little tweaks right at your fingertips. That is only scratching the surface of all the cool features Exodus offers. You can see a full list of the viewer’s features here:


Until it ceased development, I was a huge fan Kirstins Viewer. This was largely due to the great graphics that it provided during photography. Exodus has been as good, if not better, since it has also given me some additional FPS. My computer was bought off the shelf almost 10 years ago, so I can safely say you don’t need some sort of fancy machine to run it. Machinima artist Pesto Portland made a great little tutorial for the viewer that I have included below. It focus a lot on the visual features, but I included it anyway because he has a really cool accent.

The official Exodus Viewer website can be found here: