Had some time this week to check out the Fashion Voodoo urban style fashion fair and was really pleased. The event is sponsored by Depraved Events who do some great events and features over 100 labels including Insanya, Razorblade Jacket, Beeleza, Kmadd, Gawk!, Ducknipple and many more.

A lot of it is urban style, but this fair stretches out a bit and you will find everything from high fashion to lowbrow. There is a lot of mesh to be found, most of which wont fit me of course, and plenty of unique event only pieces. What I really liked, was the easy time I had shopping on the Fashion Voodoo sim. Normally the fashion events are one big lagfest where one is advised to strip off all attachments and prims just to make the experience functional. Not here. I visited the sim on three separate occasions over two days, with me wearing all the attachments that my little avi can carry, and had very little lag issues at all.

The shops are also laid out nicely in a very open setting so it was pretty easy to check out every store. The event runs through August 30th, so there is plenty of time to stop by.

Fashion Voodoo 


SL resident Sw1tch Nirvana releases CD with in-world release event

Musician and SL resident Sw1tch Nirvana has released his first CD and is using SL to launch his music with an in-world “CD Release Party” at the club Pandamonia.

Switch’s release, entitled “Into The Mountains Of Madness” is currently available through Nirvana’s Reverbnation website. The release is available in both digital format and compact disk. Nirvan (aka Peter Natale) began playing music at the young age of 8, picking up an electric bass before switching to guitar as a teen, but that was just the beginning.

“I played loads of classic rock covers until I was about 18, then the guitar came along…thrash, heavy metal, death metal,” says Nirvana. “Then, at (age) 20, I got shown two turntables and a mixer. It was all over.”

Nirvana’s electronic music features an electro, house sound. The music reflect his influences that include BT, Deadmau5, Porter Robinson and Skrillex among others. The new release, according to Nirvana, was inspired by what was going on in his life.The entire process took about 10 months to come together. Nirvana says he feels that music, especially electronic music, has the power to touch people in various ways.

“Music is the natural healer, I think we can all benefit from it in some way,” said Nirvana. “whether it be for stress relief,  emotions we can’t say for ourselves, or just plain fun. It’s beautiful …and I’ve never been so proud of anything I’ve done like being an electronic musician.  I feel I actually connect on a different level with people more than with any other kind of music. “

As a resident of SL, Nirvana has discovered, like many other artist, that SL is a great platform to promote their RL artistic work. Switch is among many artist who have both influenced by the virtual world, and who have used to to promote their work.He says their is a huge benefit to working with SL.

“I see a huge benefit. People all over the world can experience the music you make from your own home, and be half way across the world,” he said “It’s really amazing!”

On Wednesday, March 28, Switch will perform at Pandamonia, a large venue located on the Retropolis sim.  Retropolis was recently featured on Treet.Tv’s “Designing Worlds” program. The event starts at 7 SLT with a short set by Missy Ember, followed by a performance from Nirvana that will include the tracks form his latest release.

Sw1tch Nirvana @ Reverbnation:

Pandamonia @ Retropolis Sim:

Meet me at the Festival of Sin

Greed, Sloth, Lust…..Oh My.

If you have been missing me lately, I have been hanging out in the bad side of town at the “Festival of Sin“, a great new merchant event spearheaded by RubyStarlight Writer. The event features some great items from dozens and  dozens of Second Life’s best creators. It is a themed event, based on the 7 deadly sins. Come on kids, recite them with me: greed, lust, envy, sloth, vanity, gluttony and lust …I mean wrath. 

You’ll find just about everything there at the fistival. I personally loved the large selection of original poses created for the event but you’ll find  unique clothing, shoes, skins, etc. The entire theme is very interactive with regions for each “sin”. This is not for the faint of heart and you may want to stay out of the bathroom in the “lust” section. Then again, you might be one to hang out in there for a bit. We are not here to judge and …if you find a set of keys, those are mine damnit!.

The event planners are asking for minimal scripts in order to decrease lag. For me it was worth it to enjoy the immersive aspects of the event surroundings. You’ll want to hurry to check this out, because the event is underway now and ends March 3!

Carnivale D’Lunatique @ New Babbage

When an event promises “Freaks, SIdeshows, Mayhem and Madness”, my only response is “where and when?”

Ringmaster Gadget Starsider

Such is the case with the New Babbage Carnivale D’Lunatique currently underway through the weekend in Second Life. This is the second year for the event and it has grown significantly. If you are an admirer of steampunk, this is a definite addition to your “to do” list this weekend. Personally, I love steampunk AND I love a good freak show …so it is a win-win for Karma. Steampunk attire is not a requirement, but New Babbage is a fantastic steampunk sim and it always fun to dress the part. It enhances the experience for you, as well as those around you.

The carnival features an open midway full of carnival games, spontaneous performances and rides. You may also come across a bearded lady or other oddities making there way throughout the location. Obviously, I will be hanging out near the tent that advertises “beer & ale”. The main events are held on the carnival’s main stage on Saturday, Feb 11, at 6 pm SLT, and on Sunday, Feb. 12, at 2 PM. (SLT) In a clever move, the main events will place the audience on 3 sims and the stage on a 4th to keep lag to a minumum.

So, if you are like me and you love a good freak show, stop by the  Carnivale D’Lunatique.