Linden Labs to offer new pathfinding tool (Beware of zombies)

While they often seem to be incapable of managing somethng as as simple providing residents with a last names, every once in a while Linden Labs gets it right.

I am excited about a new development tool that LL will be bringing into Second Life. The pathfinding tool, will allow developers to create objects or characters that can follow, patrol, flee or otherwise interact with another object, including your avatar. Even better, it will be able to do it with only three lines of script. If you ventured the LL in-world  game, Linden Realms, you saw this effect in action as the “rock monsters” that would pursue an avatar that got to close or moved to slow.

I already see this being used to create even smarter zombies that will no doubt be chasing  me all over the place when I am simply wanting to find a good pair of shoes. If I go to the Moonletters sim, perhaps now those cars moving up and down the street will not be allowed to run over me. Then again, maybe they instructed to do just that.

The project is still in beta, but you can get a sneak peak at how it works in this video:

Read more about it here.


3 thoughts on “Linden Labs to offer new pathfinding tool (Beware of zombies)

  1. Why does every commenter or blogger of LInden Lab feel the need to include a barb or insult againts the Lab or SL staff, even when they are actually praising them for a good idea? Attitude check!

    • By “barb or insult”, I assume you are referring to my statement regarding LL and the loss of resident’s last names and their failure to meet THEIR OWN DEADLINE in announcing their plans to return the last name option. My comment was neither a barb or an insult. It was not opinion. It is a statement of fact. Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge supporter of LL and their viewer development. I drive people crazy arguing the merits of using the official viewer over the old V1 or V2 viewers out there. However, one would have to be either blind or stupid to not realize that LL missed the mark when they took away a resident’s ability to have a last name. Since you can read text, I assume you are not blind.

      The decision to remove the last name availability was done without any desire for such a move by in world residents. It was an attempt to “dumb down” the registration process for new residents/ Of course, once all the legit first names quickly ran out, the new residents found themselves having to use names that resemble more an online log in nickname.

      Either on their own, or from public outcry, LL ITSELF reversed course in a matter of months and are in the process of bringing back the ability to have last names for residents. Again, it was LL itself that came out and stated they had quickly begun “reviewing some of the decisions that were made with the username/Display Names implementation” only months after removing the last names. I will be the first to say, they should be applauded for listening to their customers!

      Finally, LL CEO Rod Humble stated on his profile feed that “Jan is when we will be giving a timeline/plans on what we will be doing” regarding the effort to restore the last names.” May I now direct you to a calendar? Without any open blog posts to their customers, except for the CEO’s profile feed, LL has blown right past their own deadline.

      Please, take some time and do your homework before you get cute and tell someone to check their attitude.

      I will continue to proudly shout out any new enhancements or great features that LL opt to provide us in world (and there are many!) just as I always have. What I won’t do is just be a shill for LL and drink their kool-aid. I am curious, do they provide you ice with yours?


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