Finally, a mesh product worth being excited about!

Of all the new mesh products to enter into the SL marketplace over the last few months, nothing has really impressed me as much as a simple pair of feet designed by Siddean Munro at Slink.
We all know how the standard avatar we are stuck with is cursed with little wedges where the feet where supposed to go. (It always seemed to me like they worked for weeks on creating the SL avatar and then got to the feet and looked at each other and said , “Whew! I am tired. How about we just stick some little wedges on the legs and call it a day?)
Even though I am huge fan of mesh and the many benefits it offers, I have felt that most of the avatar clothing and attachments I have seen produced had the stylish equivalent of wearing a plastic garbage bag. I put on a mesh outfit and look like I am wearing clothing made of paper mache.
That all changed when I found these great feet (feets?) at Slink. Let it be known right now that, as a girl who grew up in the hills of southern United States, I am not big on wearing shoes. Oh, I love shoes! I am a female after all. I just don’t bother to wear them all that much. (More than a few TP requests friends send me are followed by me asking “Do I need to put shoes on for this?”)
But hey, enough about me.
These feet look absolutely great and are far superior to most of the prim feet I have seen or tried on in Second Life. Prim feet were a definite step ahead of where we were, but they were a tad clunky. RIght? You were usually forced into some weird anklet set you had to wear to hide where the prim joined the avi, and the were not ferry flexible. They were more like feet shaped shoes.
These mesh feet become part of your body. They move as your body moves. Skin matching can be tricky, but the feet feature an ankle blending layer that makes the tone of the feet blend in perfectly with the tone of the rest of your body with only minimal effort. (One issue with any mesh avatar attachment is that it is not going to adjust to fit your body, you have to adjust your body to fit it. If you are like me and  you have a lot of time invested in your shape, this can be a  big negative, but slink provides the feet in four sizes so you can get a perfect match with only minor shape adjustment.)
The feet offer high detail from top to bottom,This design was really thought out well and it it truly shows once you find yourself wearing these cute feet.
You can find them on the SL marketplace, or check them out in world here:

2 thoughts on “Finally, a mesh product worth being excited about!

  1. I’ll definitely be checking those feetsies out! Be nice to actually go barefooting in SL and not be embarrassed, or worse, be taken for a pirate with two wooden legs! I can definitely see how this will improve my surfing experience already!

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