Just what the virtual world needs…

Here we go, yet another blog about Second Life. Now, before your eyes get heavy and you decide to jump over to YouTube to look at funny kittens, I hope you will take some time and read through and maybe look around. I begin this endeavor with the hope that we can offer a fresh approach to discussing what is going on in Second Life. Oh, and if you have no idea what Second Life is, why are you still here?



I promise, this is more than just a space for little me to rant and complain. (Though I am more than capable of doing plenty both at any given moment.) At “somegoodkarma” I  want to introduce you to and discuss a variety of issues concerning your Second Life experience. (I’ll be sharing some of the more tragic and hysterical experiences of my own as well!) A resident of Second Life for just over a year, I still consider myself a novice. I am not approaching this blog as an expert. There are plenty of those out there, and I hope to introduce you to a few here. This blog is from a curious beginner and it is  for other curious beginners like me. We will discuss the technology of Second Life, as well as all the creative aspects of the virtual world, but not limited to  photography, music, and design. I want to mention and promote some cool places that you should check out, and perhaps introduce you to some of the interesting characters I have been lucky enough to meet in Second Life. I plan to keep it simple.

And by now you are asking, just who the heck is this person and why is she making me read all this? Well, during my ongoing experience that is Second Life, I have been a writer, experienced DJ, and have operated my own photography business. I have a natural curiosity that makes me an annoyance to many friends, but let’s me share a wide range of information with others. However, be warned. I stipulate up front  that I typically know just enough to be a danger to myself and others.

So, sit back and have a sip. Welcome aboard. After all, everyone can use some good karma once in a while.